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Language solutions for English Variety speakers

Center for Culture and Language - Speakers of pidgins, creoles, and other English varieties are often excluded from education and job opportunities because of their different linguistic skills. We are pursuing options for increasing opportunities while celebrating diversity.


September 11th Survivor Syndrome

Center for World Health - Workers and residents of Lower Manhattan on and after September 11, 2001 have experienced a range of health issues that have not always been directly associated with the events. We are examining health problems beyond what the two major treatment centers have been investigating.

Wheelchair at beach (Pixabay).jpg

Mobility solutions for the disabled

Center for Disability and Resilience - Depending on the kind of disabling condition, abilities maintained, and individual choices about how to interact with the world, people with disabilities need new options for mobility. We are researching and creating unique solutions.

Multiracial seniors - pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3866616.jpg

Employment for seniors and the disabled

Center for Human Advancement - Being older or disabled should not be a barrier to fulfilling and productive employment. We are pursuing a project to make job opportunities accessible, available, and satisfying for those who choose to work.


Examining and understanding violence

Center for the Study of Aggression and Non-Aggression - What is violence? What forms can it take? How is it evolving? These questions need to be answered before we can understand the nature of violence and apply technology to mitigate its effects.


PTSD Connect

Center for Disability and Resilience - PTSD has affected millions of people worldwide but is rarely recognized and treated. We are trying to understand how to recognize, prevent and treat PTSD, while providing unique solutions to helping those who need it access services faster and easier.

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