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To organize the wide range of exploration that One World for Good    pursues, we divide our interests into five Categories. Each Category includes specialized, interdisciplinary Centers. All Centers collaborate and coordinate their work, creating One World for Good   !




Our Advancing World

Our Advancing World examines ways of advancing human potential through education, opportunity, and technology.

  • Center for Child and Family Welfare and Education

  • Center for Lifelong Advancement

  • Center for Neurolaw

Advancing World

Our Cultural World

Our Cultural World celebrates the diversity of cultures and people around the globe.

  • Center for Culture and Language

  • Center for Indigenous Technologies

Cultural World

Our Healthy World

Our Healthy World examines issues related to health, medicine, recovery, and resilience.

  • Center for Disability and Resilience

  • Center for World Health

Healthy World

Our Natural World

Our Natural World includes understanding and supporting the earth, animals and the universe.

  • Center for Animal Protection

  • Center for Astrophysics Experimentation

  • Center for Environmental Responsibility

  • Center for Food Security

  • Center for Ocean Futures

Pink Blossom
Natural World

Our Peaceful World

Our Peaceful World strives to understand the spectrum between peace and chaos.

  • Center for the Study of Aggression and Non-Aggression

  • Center for Peace and Security

Peaceful World
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